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  • The Ethiopian Midwives Association celebrated the International Day of the Midwife!

The Ethiopian Midwives Association celebrated the International Day of the Midwife!

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The Ethiopian Midwives Association celebrated the 32nd International Day of the Midwife alongside its 32nd General Assembly on May 17th-18, 2024 at Elilly International Hotel. The event brought together over 200 midwives and stakeholders to celebrate and strengthen midwifery for maternal and infant health. Wings Education and Media was honored to organize and be a part of this crucial event.

The Midwifery Conference highlighted the vital role of midwives in maternal/ newborn health and climate solutions, with the year's motto being "Midwives: A Vital Climate Solution".

Minister of Health Dr. Mekedes Daba and Honorable Werkesemu Mamo Chairperson for Health, Social Development, Culture and Sporting Affairs Standing Committee commended midwives for reducing maternal mortality. They emphasized midwives as the healthcare cornerstone and pledged investment in their education, training and work environment. They also stated that Midwives play critical roles in maternal, newborn and sustainable health amidst climate change.

The Ethiopian Midwives Association President Dr. Solomon Hailemeskel expressed gratitude and outlined actions to optimize midwives' effectiveness, including training, leadership and policy advocacy.

The event awarded six midwives who served in challenging conditions, saving mothers and babies even amidst conflict and limited resources. Individuals who were recognized included Mr. Goytom Asefa Gurde, who was honored for the compassionate assistance he provided during the Tigray conflict in the Afar region. He had selflessly aided mothers in the delivery of their babies, offering his services free of charge. Mr. Negash Ali, from the Oromia region, was recognized for his outstanding leadership in organizing the local community. His efforts led to the establishment of cobblestone roads making it easier for ambulances to navigate the area. Mr. Mulu Geberetsadik from Adigrat, Mr. Werku Taye from the Amhara Region, and Mr. Adugna Lencha from the Oromia Region were recognized for their valuable contributions and exceptional clinical services in assisting and aiding mothers during emergency birthing operations. Finally, Sister Azeb Admasu from the Ministry of Health was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her unwavering support and dedication to education and various other community-oriented activities.


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