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Ademtun: The Girls’ Podcast

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The Girls' Podcast is a Wings Education and Media initiative that empowers young women to speak up. It is called "Admetun," which means "listen to us" in Amharic. Wings launched this podcast with the goal of giving young girls a voice allowing them to discuss whatever is on their minds in a peer-to-peer setting.


Wings Education and Media firmly believe that young girls have a voice that can change society's flawed beliefs about them. The podcast aims to help other young girls open their eyes and think about how to change their society. We plan to educate parents on raising their daughters and set an example for other parents. We also plan to expand the podcast to additional languages in the future. Offering the podcast in multiple languages will be a valuable way to amplify the voices and perspectives of young girls from diverse backgrounds and linguistic communities.

In this podcast, the girls will be provided a platform for open and honest discussions about topics relevant to them. These topics range from personal development and relationships to career advancement and social challenges.


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This is an excellent initiative to empower young women and give them a space to have meaningful discussions about important issues. Providing a platform for peer to peer dialogue on relevant topics is a great way to amplify the voices of young girls and work towards changing societal perceptions.


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