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MULTI-MEDIA MATERIAL PRODUCTION (print, audio and video) SBC materials School Club Materials Wings Education& Media is currently working as consultant to UNICEF for developing various activity-based multi-language edutainment materials for school clubs, religious groups, girls clubs such as story books, activity books, game boards and puppets focusing on child marriage, FGM, VAC, WASH and nutrition messages.   The materials were designed in context to  different cultural backgrounds. We are responsible in the development, editing, translation, layout and graphic design of the materials. Campaign Materials Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa We designed and printed the campaign materials of the African Union’s “Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa” in collaboration with UNICEF’s Liaison Office to the AU and UNECA. The materials included books, folders, campaign messages, banners, brochures, flyers, t-shirts, bags and posters. The materials were translated and printed in English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Amharic. Africa’s Nutrition Security Partnership The Company also designed and printed the campaign documents of “Africa’s Nutrition Security Partnership” , the joint documents of the European Union, African Uniion and UNICEF. The materials included banners, posters, flyers, folders in English and French languages.

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