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IOM Staff Retreat

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Wings Education and Media facilitated an enjoyable team-building event for the IOM team. The retreat took place on March 6-7, 2024, at the Golf Club in Addis Ababa. The primary aim was to create a positive and collaborative environment that would foster strong team bonding and relaxation. The team-building event was meticulously designed to provide the IOM staff with an unforgettable experience. By incorporating nostalgic group games and enlisting the services of a talented professional DJ, the organizers successfully cultivated a lively and engaging atmosphere. This approach allowed the team members to immerse themselves in a spirit of friendly rivalry while also finding opportunities to bond and unwind. The organizers firmly believe that this event contributed significantly to strengthening the team's overall dynamics and enhancing the well-being of the IOM staff. The combination of playful activities, musical entertainment, and a scenic retreat setting created the perfect conditions for the team to recharge, collaborate, and forge stronger interpersonal connections. This holistic approach to team building is expected to yield lasting benefits for the organization and its dedicated employees.  

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