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  • SBC Campaign aim at addressing Violence Against Children in Ethiopia.

SBC Campaign aim at addressing Violence Against Children in Ethiopia.

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Studies reveal high levels of physical punishment among Ethiopian children, adolescents and youths, including hitting, whipping, and punching. While many adults consider such punishments acceptable, children express a preference for non-violent approaches and report negative emotional consequences. They highlight the ineffectiveness of violence as a disciplinary method and experience anger, fear, depression, and helplessness as a result.

The children, youth and adolescents fall victim to abuse mainly because violence has become normalized. Moreover, they are not aware of their right for a violent free life and lack the necessary training on knowledge, skills and behavior on how to protect themselves and others from violence. The normalization of the practice that adults can do whatever they want with children and children had to accept the abuse is a formidable challenge in the fight against VAC .

Simple knowledge of where they can seek help in a violent situation can protect children from the perpetrators. Empowerment of youth and adolescents to stand against violence, by bringing about behavioral change, is a key to fighting VAC.

Social Behavioral Change (SBC) is an effective intervention for addressing VAC. As part of the SBC strategy by UNICEF, this campaign is a response to VAC in Ethiopia. UNICEF aims to roll out a diverse and interconnected set of interventions required to address the violence faced by children in the four selected regions: Oromia, Amhara, Somali and South to ensure that all children live a life free of violence.

The campaign is evidence-based, strategic, and participatory in order for the SBCC activities to impact on behavior change among individuals and groups on a large scale. The purpose of the SBC strategy is to provide a comprehensive set of interventions to encourage and drive behavioral change by primarily empowering the youth and adolescents to take a stand against violence and put an end to it. Although there is no single solution to address the problem of VAC, there is growing evidence of the range of actions that can prevent violence before it happens. SBC provides a set of approaches and strategies that can promote positive and measurable changes towards the fulfillment of children’s rights.

The SBC strategy of the campaign provides a framework for a cohesive and impactful regional effort based on a sound theory of change as well as guidance for the necessary contextualization and integration at the regional or local level. The campaign strategy establishes the rationale and communication objectives; identifies intended audiences; proposes consistent messages for the SBC campaign materials and activities.

The campaign aims at developing SBC products on VAC and rolling them out, targeting primarily youth and adolescents. Caregivers, parents and the community are also addressed by the campaign. The product will mainly be toolkits for discussion and products for social, digital, electronics media use.


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