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Day of the African Child

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Wings Education and Media has organized several events, campaigns, festivals and exhibitions since 2009 in connection with the Day of the African Child, Universal Children’s Day and other special days in partnership with the African Union, UN agencies, international organizations, Federal Government Ministries & Regional Government Offices.  These festivals and events had brought together more than 100,000 people to exchange their views on important social issues affecting the community. 


Day of the African Child 2013 #acerwc#africanunion#UNICEFEthiopia#PlanEthiopia#WingsMedia#ChildFund (


Wings Education and Media is also one of the active communication partners of the African Union’s campaign to “End Child Marriage in Africa” since its inception.  The Company has developed the branding of the Campaign and was responsible in the conceptualization, design, translation, and development and printing of its campaign and other communication materials in all the four AU official languages.

The Day of the African Child (DAC) is commemorated annually on 16 June across Africa by African Union (AU) Member States, and its partners, as per Resolution CM/Res.1290 (XL)) of the AU Heads of State and Government Summit.

Day of the African Child 2013 #acerwc#africanunion#UNICEFEthiopia#PlanEthiopia#WingsMedia#ChildFund (

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