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Ethiopian Children’s Festival

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It is an annual event of children’s creativity and imagination. The festival has become the source of positive communication for thousands of children in Ethiopia, their teachers, parents, local youth groups, Government bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders by the way of learning more about the important social issues affecting children.


 Children’s performance groups, workshop leaders, and thousands of creative individuals and families join the festivals at this extraordinary and annual educational event. It pulls together diverse communities and responsible groups around their common concern for children, their education, safety, and health.

Visibility:  A number of speeches  will be prepared and presented. Multimedia are utilized to create awareness on  social issues. Various IEC materials such as folders, banners , magazines and t-shirts will be produced and distributed. The Festivals are reported in the national media. There are various efforts to get audience to the event. Mobile vans, Radio Ads on Bahir Dar FM, banners and fliers were used to promote during our past festivals.

Impact: While school children were approached as targets for behavior change, strategies were also devised to maximize the role they can play in becoming champions for change in their homes and communities.

Lesson Learned:  It was a good idea to  organize participatory edutainment programmes that can impart  important health-related information  through entertainment. The Festival served as a platform for encouraging friendly competition among schools.



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