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Ethiopian Girls Award

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The Ethiopian Girls Award is the initiative of Wings Education and Media and its partners with a purpose to recognize the efforts of individuals, groups, institutions and communities that contribute to the advancement of education, health and welfare for girls. It also aims at highlighting the need to end all forms of gender-based violence against all girls and women everywhere.

Ethiopian Girls Award – Ethiopian Girls Award


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We are currently organizing the 2024 edition of the "Ethiopian Girls Award" in connection with the International Day of the Girl Child in order to build partnerships and galvanized the global movements to end gender-based violence against girls and to reward outstanding efforts of individuals and institutions that contribute to the advancement of education and welfare for girls and women. 


The event is expected to involve relevant Government Ministries, UN Agencies, International agencies, the NGO community, celebrities and girls from high schools and universities. There will be an award session under five categories, an Inter-Generational Dialogue, special exhibition by NGOs and literature & art competition among girls. 


You are cordially invited to participate in this high-profile event as sponsors or by exhibiting your works during the occasion.


Ethiopian Girls Award – Ethiopian Girls Award


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