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Roll out a campaign to Reduce Disease and Death Related to Poor Hygiene

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 The National Hygiene and Sanitation Task Force (NHSTF) chaired by the Ministry of Health with membership including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Mining and Water Resources, Religious groups, UN agencies, NGOs and development partners, on Global Hand Washing Day in October 2011, launched a four-year communication campaign to reduce illness and death related to poor hygiene practices.

Based on this Campaign document, to address behavioral and social change issues, Communication initiatives were to be supported at both community and institutional/school levels as a crosscutting strategy to establish common platforms for multiple communication objectives.  As a follow-up activity in the mass media component of the campaign, UNICEF collaborated with Wings Education and Media to roll out one of its components of the strategy which is holding a  3-day children’s hand washing festivals in Addis Ababa in November 2011.

The following steps were taken to roll out the promotional Festival.

We first start with a detailed action plan to make the Festival a success with a following lines of action.

Advocacy: Letters of Collaborations were secured from the Minister of Women, Children and Youth affairs from the start and followed by the Ministry of Health and Addis Ababa Education Offices.

Development of allies: We developed allies with 500 schools in Addis Ababa and its vicinity. They were active participants in the Festival and Competition. We developed good relations with a number of media outlets and we did secure several radio and TV interviews and other media coverages. We were managed to attract supporters from the business community, NGOs and the University community.

Celebrities: The Festival involved several Celebrities such as Asress Bekele (Comedian), Tirhas ( Tigrigna Singer), Fikreaddis Nekatibeb ( Amharic Singer), Artist Chachi Tadesse, Teddy Mak ( Composor). They managed to attract relevant officials and children to the Festival. The Ethiopian Idol Finalists of 2011 were part of the Festival through UNICEF.

Multimedia utilization: We utilized multimedia such as banners, billboards, folders, fliers etc extensively. Several radio PSAs were released during the Festival.

Attendance: The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Women Children and Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, UNICEF , International organizations, as well as more than ten thousands of students, parents and teachers from all over Addis Ababa.


Major Activities: There were several artistic and literary performances from several schools. The festival featured Ethiopian Idol finalists and celebrities. The live painting competition of children was awesome. All of them shared their own unique world views through their artistic works. There were also debate and quiz contests which were conducted by the 2011 Ethiopian Idol finalists and the British Council.  The closing and award ceremony was phenomenal. Winners of the various competitions came to the ceremony with their teachers and parents. It was a family event. High -level dignitaries gave inspiring speeches and awards to the winners. Various multi-media were utilized to create awareness on the issue.


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