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MCAH High-Level 9-Month Integrated Review Meeting

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The Maternal, Child, and Youth Health Implementation Plan was evaluated at the Haile Resort Hotel in Arba Minch City from 15-17 May 2024, under the motto “Implementing and Leveraging Innovations for Better Maternal, Child and Youth Health.”

 Wings Education and Media is honored to be the event organizer of this important Forum.

The event was attended by over 200 participants from different regions of the country, and various VIP guests at the federal level and regional officials were present, including the Minister of Health Dr. Mekdes Daba, the State Minister of Health Dr. Dereje Duguma, and the Head of the Southern Ethiopia Regional Health Bureau, Mr. Andashaw Shibru. Representatives from all regional and city government health offices, various partner organizations and professional associations were also in attendance.

During the session, both Dr. Mekdes Daba and Dr. Dereje Duguma stated that in order to reduce problems related to childbirth, it is necessary to increase antenatal care and modernize health facilities. The importance of reaching mothers, children and youth was emphasised as they are large part of the society. They thanked the health professionals, partner organizations, and other stakeholders for their tireless efforts to improve the health of mothers, children, and youth.

Mr. Endashaw Shibru, the Head of the Southern Ethiopia Regional Health Bureau, acknowledged the progress made through multi-faceted cooperation in the health sector but stressed the need for more coordinated action by stakeholders to reduce infant mortality, improve postnatal maternal services, and deliver vaccines.  


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