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Girls Music Band

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The Apio Girls Music Band is the initiative of Wings Education and Media which was formed on November 28, 2023. It is a band composed of young girls aiming to drive social transformation through music. They not only sing but also transmit meaningful messages about social issues relevant to young girls. They sing to encourage their peers to embrace their autonomy in a world where it often seems elusive. They also preach about peace, love, gender equality, justice and related matters. Through their creative expression they aim to shine a light on essential social issues. The band's goal is to raise awareness of these important issues among the general public, government and justice organizations.


“የሀገር ካስማ~Yehager Kasma’’ Music Video 2024 #EthiopianMusic (


We believe the band's music is a powerful medium for social change. They are working to grow their fan base particularly among young people. The band members also use their platform to advocate for policy changes and societal shifts that would improve the lives of girls and women.


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