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Empowering adolescent girls and their families.

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Refresher Training on Out Of School Adolescent Girls and Men and Boys Engagement Manuals aimed at creating an enabling environment for ending child marriage and FGM/C.

Unicef Ethiopia organized a highly productive refresher training on Out of School Adolescent Girls (OOSAGs) and Men and Boys Engagement manuals, in collaboration with CARE Ethiopia and the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (MOWSA). The event, held from April 26th to 30th, 2024, in Adama, brought together participants from UNICEF, Federal MOWSA and regional BOWSA (Bureau of Women and Social Affairs) as well as CARE Ethiopia.  The event was managed by Wings Education and Media.

The opening speech was delivered by the Director at MOWSA, W/ro Zenebu Bogale who emphasized the significance of such collaborations in equipping professionals with the necessary tools to address the evolving needs of Out of School Adolescent Girls effectively.

As one of the 5 pillars and focus areas of the National Roadmap to End Child marriage and FGM/C empowering adolescent girls and their families by investing in education is a critical pathway for change. The training workshop aimed to strengthen the capacity of UNICEF and BOWSA personnel in effectively utilizing the OOSAGs and Men and Boys Engagement manuals, which serve as crucial resources for implementing programs and initiatives that address the needs and challenges faced by out-of-school adolescent girls while engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality and social inclusion.

Over the course of five days, participants engaged in interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical exercises and it covered a wide range of topics, including adolescent development, gender-responsive programming, life skills development, reproductive health, and community engagement.

The refresher training on OOSAGs and Men and Boys Engagement manuals in Adama concluded with a closing speech by Mr. Haither Ahmed from Unicef who highlighted the importance of partnerships between UNICEF, CARE Ethiopia and MOWSA in achieving sustainable change and social progress.



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