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Over 20 years, we have been delivering impactful services

Wings Education & Media is a company which is engaged in event management, media, edutainment and education. The company has organized several events, campaigns, festivals and exhibitions since 2009 in connection with Day of the African Child, Universal Children’s Day and other special days in partnership with the African Union, UN agencies, international organizations, Federal Government Ministries & Regional Government Offices.

  • SBC Communication
  • Event Management
  • Multi Media Production
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Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Communication, Event Management, Multi-media productions.


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The company has established a good reputation and working relationship amongst relevant Ethiopian Government Ministries, Regional Government Offices, international agencies, NGOs, the media, celebrities and business institutions. It has a rich experience in mobilizing artists, writers, performers and the academic community in our festivals, media productions and educational materials production. The company has extensive work experience in writing financial and narrative reports.



Our philosophy is formed around the concepts of teamwork, partnership, integrity and quality service, both in our efforts within our firm and in our interactions with our clients. The strength and qualifications of our team members enable us to provide professional services in the area of event management, media, communication material production, education and edutainment. We strive to form partnerships with our clients. We deliver quality and timely products as promised. We offer our clients superior service with high quality.



These festivals and events had brought together more than 100,000 people to exchange their views on important social issues affecting the community. Wings Education and Media was also one of the active communication partners of the African Union’s campaign to “End Child Marriage in Africa” since its inception. The company has developed the branding of the campaign and was responsible for the conceptualization, design, translation and development and printing of its campaign and other communication materials in all four of the African Union languages.


Girls Advocate

Wings Education and Media also organizes the annual Ethiopian Girls Award program along with the International Day of the Girl in collaboration with various national and international institutions. Ethiopian Girls Award is a program that seeks to increase awareness of girls’ rights by bringing up issues affecting girls and by giving girls a chance to choose and cast votes for their role models. The program is wrapped up by an Award ceremony where people, groups, or organizations are recognized for their contributions to improving the lives of girls and for serving as role models for girls.